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Historically, Gaddis have been a transhumance tribe and, therefore, share much with similar communities found across the world. However, their inhospitable habitat and livelihood practices have made them evolve as a unique culture, though not really refined in the modern sense.

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There is no actual record, whether authentic or otherwise, about the Gaddi population. Due to their migratory living in the past, no census gives any estimate regarding their population. However, a rough estimate can be pegged at around half a million.

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The dialect used by Gaddis belongs to the Sanskrit Aryan families of northern dialects. However, there may be a small variation in the dialect with little local influence of other dialects here and there.

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Historically, Gaddis are known to have occupied one of the most inhospitable geographic regions in the world - highlands in the shadows of the mighty Dhauladhara and the Middle Himalayas - but over the last century they have also made lower areas in Himachal Pradesh their home, and have in fact ventured out across the world as global citizens, nevertheless maintaining their inherent ethnic identity.